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Our mission

Create the Yin Yang world where causality, hope and justice within the reach of every creatures, especially the advantage!

Create a Yin Yang world when everybody gets what they deserves, the more important problems gets the resources it needs and all creatures have a chance to build a better world by their own. We bring hope to all creatures!
Our Story

What is really important, Why and How to solve it?

The biggest news on any cover page of any magazine or media product is not about developing education system, not about the public policy for the advantage, not about climate change for saving the world but the most atractive human mind news. Of course anything exist has its own value, but is it really important when we are facing the most serious challenges ever in our era? We do not undervalue anything but we believe that something could be better, especially the problem-solving process!

Garevo was born from a frustrating observation: there is little coordination among those who have the insights, those who have the resources, and those who have the ability to effectively solve a problem. Our platform aims to connect all stakeholders in a transboundary platform so the right problems are tackled by the right people.
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Brief about our methodology

What makes Garevo different?

Tools & Resources
For Whom
Our platform invites experts from the public, private, non-government/non-profit, and academic spheres to contribute their voices.
But most importantly, we invite ordinary users from all walks of life to participate in our platform. Garevo believes in the power of grassroots knowledge to quickly identify critical problems and innovative solutions.
The State

Policy Maker

Whenever a public problem is coming, you get it immediately. Not only having a great chance for preparing, analyzing the problem, you also have the best frameworks, techniques and above all - the most valuable solutions for that problem from the expert in that sector.

The Market System
Investors Entrepreneurs

Great! You've never ever had a better environment to find the most valuable opportunities to invest and start your $ billions company. Never enough? How about advocacy and lobby for a better business environment to create more values for all of us?

University / Institution


Your opinion should be noticed. Your research should be regarded. Do your best and let us take care the rest.

Civil Society / Other creatures
Great community

Years after years, our voice never be listened or valued as it should be. As the result, the harder we work, the more inequality we get. Today we say 'That's enough.' It's time to change.

How we turn it into reality

World-class platform to tackle global challenges, at your fingertips
Map Visualization

You can search and filter any problems by local/national/regional location or category, after which the map would display relevant indexes, reports and insights in visually engaging charts, graphs and tables.

Debate for Problem-Solving

The thread consists of a series of posts centered around raising, analyzing and solving important problems. You can participate by creating new posts or contributing questions/ comments on other ones.


Users may have the ability to participate in the governance of the platform by voting on proposals or decisions that impact the platform's development, updates, or other community-driven activities.

Discover our Magic

We proud of making Garevo. Give us a chance if you can!

Becomes our Advisors - Investors - Reviewers

A great product could not be made without your help! We appreciate every single review to make Garevo better. Let us know what you are thinking!